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Buccal Fat Procedure

We just aired a segment about the Buccal (pronounced: buckle) Fat Procedure on Friday's show. I have been doing the procedure since the early '90s. At the time, my practice was in New York City, and the models came in one after another. The "Waif Look" was in at the time. The only problem for these young women was to look thin enough in the face, their bodies had to become too thin. Being too thin wasn't a healthy look, and these 20-something women were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Enter, "The Waif Procedure". By teasing the cheek fat out through a tiny incision inside the mouth, we were able to reduce the chubby cheek look in a way that has continued to look great through the years. Many of these ladies are still in touch with my practice today and continue to look wonderful, as it should be...

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DR. Orton

Let me be the first to welcome you to blogging with us!!!!! 

I have enjoyed the show since it started. I saw that procedure the lady looked great afterwards.I did not realize thats what fat in our cheeks looked like.

Keep on blogging with us.



Dr. Orton,

I originally heard about this buccal fat removal 10 years ago but I wasn't old enough and now that I am I can't seem to find a doctor in Chicago who performs this procedure. I ne help!!! These chipmunk cheecks have been my torcher for far too long, so I'm writing to you for some direction and assistance. Could you provide me with names of trusted doctors that you would recommend in Chicago who perform this procedure? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



I just joined the site today. Norey I had this procedure done on Jan.6th with a full face laser, I love it!!!! I had no pain in my eye area, but then again I was on pain meds for awhile. As for the laser, my skin is still really red and is itchy from healing. I am wearing Jane Iredale mineral makeup that makes my face look fantastic. After looking  "tired" for so long I would do these procedures again in a heart beat!

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