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Dr. Lisa M. Masterson, M.D., is a specialist in obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, adolescent gynecology and family planning.  She is on staff at Los Angeles’Cedars-Sinai MedicalCenter and UCLA, and maintains a private office in Santa Monica.

Dr. Masterson is also founder and medical director of the Ocean Oasis Medical Spa in Santa Monica, which offers spa treatments, exercise and nutrition programs tailored specifically for women. 

She attended The Bishop’s School, a private school in La Jolla, Calif., and upon graduation, Dr. Masterson entered Mount HolyokeCollege in Massachusetts.  She graduated from medical school at the University of Southern California.

“I am extremely passionate about improving and saving people’s lives,” said Dr. Masterson.  “Through my charity, Maternal Fetal Care International (MFCI), we go to poor regions in the world to help save the lives of pregnant women and improve the standards of their healthcare.  I recently founded the first OB/GYN residency program in all of sub-Saharan Africa in Eritrea,  and I have started birthing clinics in Kenya and India.”

As a child, Dr. Masterson was inspired by both her mother and grandmother.  Her maternal grandmother was the eldest in a family of 12 who became a schoolteacher at segregated black schools in the south.  Dr. Masterson’s mother was a professor at theUniversity of Washington who went on to serve in the Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). 

Dr. Masterson is familiar to television audiences from her numerous appearances on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” ”“The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” “Dr. Phil” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” as well as on CNN, Discovery Health Channel’s “Strictly Dr. Drew” and the Lifetime series, “What Should You Do?”

In 2008, Dr. Masterson received the Golden Rattle Award from the March of Dimes in recognition of her advocacy for improving the health of babies and mothers all over the world.  In 2007, she received the Red Cross Humanitarian Award.  Her groundbreaking research was published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1994.

She has a son, and lives in Southern California.  In her spare time, she enjoys surfing and learning French.

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I love you Dr Lisa! Your amazing and inspire so many people!



Hello Dr. Lisa,

I had a M/C  last December  within my 6weeks of pregnancy and it was my first pregnancy.  I am worried about the possibility of getting pregnant again. During my pregnancy, the doctor told me that the baby isn’t position properly but advice me to live normal life. Unfortunately, I lost it. So my question to you is what are the disadvantage I have going forward to become pregnant and what kind of things I have to pay attention??? Please doctor help me out (I am 27 years old)

Thank you



If you would like to submit a  question to The Doctors you can do so by going to the top of this page and placing your cursor over MEET OUR DOCTORS.  In the drop down menu you will see ASK OUR DOCTORS.  Click ASK OUR DOCTORS and fill out the form.  You can also choose a particular doctor and click their name.  Once on their page you will see CONTACT.  Clicking this will take you to a form to fill out to ask that particular doctor a question.  

Because of the large number of responses we receive each day, unfortunately not every e-mail can be answered personally. Be assured that the producers do however, read each submission carefully. If a producer wishes to follow up with you, you may receive a phone call or an e-mail response. If it is an urgent matter, we suggest you contact your physician or local clinic.


Hi Dr. Lisa!  I have question. I haven't had a period in about 3 months. I know I am not pregnant, therefore I am petrified.  I keep telling myself "it's going to come", but it hasn't. I blamed the first month on stress because I had a lot going on, but now I think there could be something  wrong. If you have any thoughts or ideas,  I'd really appreciate them. I'm 26 years old and I really hope its nothing serious.


i got this big blister on my lip from kissing and i want to kno if there a way to get rid of any futer blisters or if theres a way to prevent them.


Hey Dr. Lisa,  I am 53 years old married and in menapause. Have been over a year. My visits to the Fem aisle are for gel these days. Hee Hee. Anyway, I need a Gyn in Brooklyn NY who I can talk with. I finaly went to one in Long Island after 10 years and it was a nightmare. When I asked her about testosterone cream for libido she said no. When I asked her what to do about my lack of desire she told me to BUY A NIGHTIE!  There are people in the nursing home who have more sex than I do for gods sake! Any suggestions before my husband looks elsewhere. Thanks Katie


Thank you for being so open.  I have only been to the OB/GYN when i had my children 1984, 1988 & 1993 and when i had my tube tied 2004.  All where not very social. I saw the practioner more than the doctor.  I had questions, that where answered with a question about something else.  Ive tried to reserch stuff so i would know what to tell my daughter as she got older.  But there is so much conflicting information from person to person from year to year.  But since watching the Doctors I have learned more from you and trust your answers because i know you have already learned it or is willing to get to the bottom of things when the questions are asked.  I am especially thankful for teaching me ( all of america who watches the show) how to teach my daughter that SEXUALITY IS NORMAL and HEALTHY.  I have had no problems teaching her that respecting herself and her body is important, but how do you teach that and the other?  LISTEN TO LISA.  sometimes my daughter doesn't want to hear things from me. so I sit her down in the comforts of her own room and let her review your clips from the tv show.  Then we discuss it afterwards.   You have taught me how to talk to my daughter without embarrassing her, or making me feel awkward in the process.   I am excited to hear more as you enter the new seasons. 


hi dr.lisa ...my daughter has her period but sometimes it comes it comes a bit early or couple days later...is this normal??





i love the show you make the show you are so beautiful love watching you

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