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When taking an EKG, is it normal for the technicians to ask the patient to speak or cough or laugh?  What I have read about taking an EKG, one is to remain still and not speak.  What is the answer, Please?

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With all the EKGs I've had, I have never been asked to speak or cough or laugh.  I've had to lay still every time for them to get the reading.

I'm not a DR, but that is my experience.


Desert Dweller

I am 65 now, and as nearly I can remember this EKG is the second one in my life.  I did not have much confidence in this technician the administered the EKG test.  When he hept fooling with the leads and when I was ASKED to cough and laugh and talk, I thought it out of place.  The also too my bp on the right arm, which I have never seen done before.  Now, if you do both arms nearly in the same time sink, you get a differential bp reading.  When the doctor saw my EKG, she went balistic and demanded I go to the hospital.  I am sick, I have "what the doctor" refered to bronchitus and a huge sinus infection.  I believe this. 

I want to thank you for your rely that confirmed what I was thing.  Be well, a belated Merrry Christas, and a Happy New Year to you.


Thank you ... you too!  I hope you feel better soon.


Desert Dweller



    I read my post to you and found it not written very well.  I was distracted and apparently, my multi-tasking ability was not at its best.  My blood pressure was on the right arm only.  Not being able to breathe well and feeling like warmed over death, these observation where skewed.  I realize they are indicators from the normal.  Nevertheless, what is normal?  What is normal to the people of my age group compare to my medical history?  I really do not have a medical history.  Just in the last few years have, I began to slow down a feel a little of my age.  I know what it is; I let the battery in my Superman suite run Down!  Ha ha.  At any rate, I have become more susceptible to flu and virus infections.  Note, I have never had a flu shot, so I will now.  I know now that I have a lung and sinus infection (bronchitus and sinus infection).  I am glad it was not COPD.  I believe the doctor with her lung prognosis, but not with heart diagnosis.  I feel better about my decision to say no for a hospital stay.

I will be better and thank you.

Have a good day and many to follow.




I'm not sure what you are asking about being normal or not ... you mean BP numbers?  or which arm?

My BP has been taken on both arms before.  In my experience either one is fine to take the BP.  I've asked if there was a difference between arms, and they took it on both arms and it came out just about the same.  So IMO I don't think it matters which arm (although I'm not a DR so maybe I'm wrong).

BP numbers (I THINK) are as long as they are under 130/90 that is considered normal.  If you google it you can read more about it.  Different DRs go by different numbers.

Hope this helps.


Desert Dweller



Reference to blood pressure is that blood pressure that is normal for that individual as long as it does not exceed established limits.  It is proposed that for folks over 50?   systolic normal limits raised to 150.  I have my mother veins; that is small and very hard to stick.  I was told that individuals with such small veins and arteries would have higher pressure.  I do not know if that is true or not.  Similarly, the body mass index is not reliable.  I am 5' 6"; and in my 30's I weighed 195 pounds all of  (well most of) it muscle.  To pick up 210 pounds and walk with it 100 feet was no real problem.  Now I struggle with 75 pounds a huge change.  It only proves that one must keep their Superman suite battery fully charged.  Exercise, good food, and do not become sedimentary in life will extend good health for many years.  I started downhill trend about 50 years old.

Too much bs. 

I have a cuff style bp machine.  I started taking my bp in both arms and found a difference between them of +- 4-5 points. 

I was always a bull in the china closet and it is demoralizing for me to accept this lesser physical being of myself.  I look about and observe folks young and older that would appreciate what I have. 

I am not crying in my beer.  I am disappointed in myself for allowing what I did to myself. 


I don't really know a lot about BP other than the basics.  I'm sorry I can't help you more on that.

Be good to yourself and take care!


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