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Popping Left Ankle With Pain

Hello Everyone. My name is Clay and I have constant popping sensation in my left ankle and when it pops, there is pain that follows. Before I go any further, one should know that in 1997 maybe 1998 during a training exercise I sprained my left ankle. Since the sprain I have jumped out of airplanes, had five hip surgeries, and radio frequency burnings of my nerves. I have had this condition for about ten to eleven years now. I have allowed two orthopedic doctor’s look at my ankle. I have had numerous x-rays and MRI’s and they have proven nothing. I have been told that there is nothing that can be done because I have pre-arthritis. I accepted this diagnosis up until about four years ago when an MRI revealed I had a torn meniscus and I finally got surgery to repair this meniscus January 10th, 2012. I am beginning to lose trust and faith in my orthopedic doctors. I have been doing research and found on an unnamed website that explains, “If you have pain associated with the cracking joints, then you should be evaluated to make sure there is not an underlying problem. But the average snapping ankles, or creaking knees is not a problem.” That seems like a contradiction to me, but I am trying to be an accountant not a doctor. My problem is the pain and quality of life. I live with constant pain and I am would greatly appreciate suggestions that I can improve my quality of life. I have researched possible ankle problems ranging from….Tendinitis, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS), Sciatica, Blockage of Blood Vessels, Cartilage Issues, Infection in the Ankle Joint, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Rhuematoid Arthritis, and or Reiter Syndrome. Am I seeing the wrong type of doctor? Again, can someone please suggest anything that may improve my quality of life? I would appreciate any suggestion no matter how large or small. If I able to receive an ounce of pain relief, that would be a step in the right direction.

Thank you very much.

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well im no doctor but maybe lay on the bed and move your foot around and stranthin the mussles in your leg and ankle and maybe you have to much fluied in your joints and that would be painfull so if i was you i would take ibuprophen for the imflomation, or maybe you don't have anoff cartledge in between your joints and don't loos hope keep seeing a foot doctor and maybe go see a nother foot doctor too .

Jennifer Gordy


i did some resurch, check out this site

i think it will help you a lot


ok i found it.

Treatment Options:

Generally I tell patients that if the condition does not cause pain, swelling or affect your ability to perform activities, not to worry about a popping or snapping sensation. These are rarely conditions that actually need to be treated more aggressively. Conversely, if these cause pain, swelling or are recent occurrences I would definitely see a physician. A sports medicine orthopaedic physician can examine you to determine the reason for the popping. In your case, a new pair of running shoes or orthotics may be in order.

i hope that this helps and i think its your anser youve been waitin for

Jennifer Gordy


I would get another opinion from another orthopedic surgeon who listens to you. My sister went to the DR once for a swollen leg, DR said nothing he could do.  She got 2nd and 3rd opinions only to find out she had a rare tumor the size of an egg in between an artery and a vein, and had surgery to remove it.  She wouldn't take no for an answer, and thank goodness she didn't.



Hi AirborneClay...I'm a veteran too.  10% disability.  LEFT foot pain, like you!!!  Please read when and if you have time:

See if you can get PedAlign custom made orthotics thru the VA.  I'm wearing them now for my TTS and they help greatly.  My left ankle clicks but doesn't hurt real bad because of it, I think it's either scar tissue or a ligament, but in any case, I try not to rotate it to where it clicks, just in case that's going to inflame it.   I hope you are doing better, as you wrote this 4 month ago. 


Definitely see a podiatrist instead.  I had a HORRIBLE experience with an orthopedic doctor who made my life miserable.  I don't think he knew anything about my condition.  The long story is in the link from my previous posting. 

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