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17 day diet

Well, today is day one for me. So far so good. I had said that I wasn't going to weigh myself until this morning. Wow, what a rude awakening. It's been a while since I have weighed myself. I have gained approx. 8-10 pounds since I last weighed. I was shocked. I knew I had probably gained some, but not that much. I have some work to do.

I am 5'1" and I weigh 171.5 pounds. According to the book, for my height and small boned, I should weigh 90 pounds.  For mid-point, I should weigh 105. I do have a small frame, but I weighed 90 pounds when I graduated from high school. That was almost 26 years ago. I don't think that is realistic for me now.  Even the 105 for mid-point might be pushing it.  To get down to 115 I would need to lose 56.5 pounds.  To get down to 110 I would need to lose 61.5.  I think to start, my goal is going to be 115 pounds, but I can adjust along the way if I want. So, my goal is to lose 56.5 pounds. So, here I go!


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